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Feb 15, 2010

This and That and my Mala

This morning, every sentient being in the household slept late. That would be Chris, me, Eli, Leo, Felix (Leo's friend) and Rasa (the cat). When we finally woke up Chris and Eli and I spent a nice slow time drinking coffee and talking. Leo and Felix had to go to basketball practice and Rasa went back to sleep.

I spent some time practicing Yoga, then Chris and I walked Tubbs Hill. It was so mild and beautiful. We found a quiet spot and sat a while to meditate. That was pretty blissful.

After the walk we stopped at the store to pick up what we need for dinner - which is going to be veggies prima vera and linguine and salad and polenta.

When we got home we both got straight to work - on our computers that is. I got a lot done. I finally scheduled out the Immersion that is starting next September and running on Saturdays. I was able to send the dates out to some really awesome students who have been waiting for that information. Then I wrangled with some other scheduling details. It's hard to schedule in 2011 because I don't have all the info I need - like for example - when will the Certified Teacher's Gathering be? But I did make some headway. Next I have to schedule some "continuing ed" for people who have been requesting that. I know I'll teach a therapy training. I'd like to find a guest teacher to come and teach Sanskrit. That would be so awesome.

As part of my scheduling project, I have been in touch with Noah Maze' as we had some sketchy plans on the calendar. We firmed things up and part of the planning included that we decided to teach together - here - in July. I tried to make that happen in tandem the July segment of the teacher training. I squeezed hard on that calendar - Ugh! But in the end it wouldn't squish and I had to let it go. So we will co-teach a day at Garden Street on Friday July 16, prior to the Weekend Workshop. We'll do some sort of teacher training or therapy or some other specialized focus. It will be great. It is really so much fun for me to think of co-teaching with friends like Noah and Christina who I like and respect so much. It will bring in a whole new freshness for me as well as for everyone who has been listening to me go on and on and on for years and years and years!

Before I started writing this post, I was about to go into the kitchen to start the dinner prep. But then I remembered I had not yet written today. I have this commitment to meditate, practice asana and write, every day. I love doing all 3 and I generally do all three anyway, but it is interesting (and disturbing) how the tyranny of urgency can squeeze love out of a day. My work schedule regularly gets very bossy and threatens to squeeze the "Big 3" out of my day. So a couple of weeks ago I made a commitment to Meditate, do Asana and Write every day for 108 days. It's my mala* commitment.

*A mala is a strand of 108 rudraksha beads, used for prayer or mantra. It's similar to a rosary. In fact, it is the historical origin of the rosary.

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