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Feb 11, 2010

Spring Loaded Heart

Out of the damp darkness of Winter, Spring is arising with muscular vigor, and a "force that drives green shoots to break the winter ground."

In Chinese Medicine, Spring is the season of Green and of the Wood Element. The Wood element is a vigorous and muscular "will to become". Like a healthy tree, the wood energy roots down and rises up and out in all directions.

This bright muscular energy draws in to create a boundary, a chamber, and then in one continuous stream of energetic intelligence, the muscular boundary of the chamber inner spirals to spring-load a bud of pure potential. There's not much form yet and the Universal is poised to spring into manifestation.

In Chinese Medicine, Summer is the season correlated with the color Red, the Fire element and the Heart. The Fire element is an abundant expression of Heart. When summer's Heart and the Fire element arrive, the spring-loaded green bud spirals outward with great generosity and opens into a blossom.

Continuing as a stream of energetic intelligence, the Outer Spiral opens and expands radically as Organic Energy, as blossom and fragrance and fruit and finally a seed that will once again root down and rise up.

This is happening at every - EVERY - level of reality. Universal Energy dances with intelligence and bliss as it draws in muscularly, enfolds into an inner spiral, then spirals out and expands past the bounds of it's former edge.

Universal Unbounded Consciousness is not involved in a zero sum game but is dancing an expanding spiral of Divine Evolution whether in the petals of a flower, a a circling eagle flight, a fetus in the womb, the milky way, or the center of my own heart where the sacred pulses and enfolds and unfolds in me - as me.

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