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Feb 3, 2010

Brilliant Brittany

Brittany McConnell is Inspired.  Officially!

I have known Brittany since she was really young - like about 8 years old.  She would come over with Flora and Gina Lagatutta and they would sit on the front stoop of my little tiny pink house in Boise, play with the baby version of Eli, and eat the popcorn I would make for them.

When Leo came along - 18 years ago -Gina & Flora's mom plus Brittany's mom were our midwives. (Don't worry.  They were midwives before Leo came along......and didn't just pop into the role for Leo's arrival).

About 9 years ago Brittany started studying Yoga with me whenever I would return to Boise to teach.  Over time she completed an Immersion and Teacher training.  She was/is always such a brilliant combination of sweetness, intelligence, studentship, strength and humility!    I was never sure she would continue to study Anusara Yoga so seriously because she is a very busy professional musician.  I just didn't know if she would have time for both.  Silly me.

Recently Brittany came up to Coeur d'Alene to be a student, and while she was here I was able to observe her teach.  I filled out the paperwork, and passed her through with flying colors.  Boise now has a new "Anusara Inspired" teacher.  Lucky Boise!  Brittany is very talented.  She has a keen sense of Yoga, a thorough knowledge of the alignment principles, an absolutely radiant heart, and on top of that she is beautiful and strong,  Oh - and did I mention?....."Brilliant".

She is teaching an Anusara Inspired class at the Boise Racquet and swim club - (thanks to equally brilliant Jan Worsencroft for being so generous and inviting).  So check it out - Thursday - 7:30 - 9 pm.

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