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Feb 1, 2010


January was, for me, a little like being in one of those high speed chase scenes you might see on "America's Most Wanted".

Some maniac named Karen was the reason for the chase. She scheduled me to teach 12 full-day gigs (Immersions and Teacher Trainings) on top of my regular schedule. I got dangerously stressed out at one point. Chris and I both do a lot of our teaching prep work at home. One day, when I realized we were both going to be working at home (and potentially distracting one another) I told him I really needed lots of space. I told him I needed to be able to maintain my focus, as if he weren't there. Probably it sounded like a murder threat.

About an hour later I asked him something. He acted like I didn't exist. The nerve of him!! Finally he said, "I'm just trying to not be here for you". Wow - he keeps me laughing. That's good. "Me on humorlessness" is criminally ugly.

Now it's February. All is well. This month it's mostly "normal schedule" and only 3 all-day gigs. I love teaching the Immersions and Teacher Trainings (the "all day gigs"). I never feel ready but when all is said and done I have (almost) always been perfectly ready. Most of the time I end up getting out of the driver seat (at the last moment) and letting Blessing Force - a far superior driver - take over. I can even imagine a day when I will do that without stressing out and arguing with the driver for days in advance.

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  1. Ha Ha! Boy can I relate to that. I definitely won't ever get to earn my "higher consciousness" badge until my husband signs off on the paperwork!