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Nov 7, 2009

It's early Saturday morning. We are winding down our Immersion. Monday morning we started - set ourselves in the slingshot of the intensive schedule - and whoosh - we are out the other side - almost.

Last night we went as a group into the Spokane Yoga Shala to kirtan with David Garrigues. It was lovely. At the end there was such an atmosphere of gentleness and radiance. Eli and Leo were both there with me. I was doubly happy. Eli and I laughed to reminisce that "American" kirtan (a devotional singing practice) is a lot "easier" than in India. No bugs, No excess heat. The floor is clean. And people seem much happier about it. (Maybe because it is free of bugs and excess heat!) In our experience, Kirtan had quite a serious tone in India. All the same, the feeling in the end is the same - an open heart and a movement of Joy.

This morning our Immersion group will go back into Spokane to take a workshop with David on breath and bandhah in asana. David is one of the few authorized Ashtanga Vinyasa teachers in America. He is the teacher to my good friend Katie - owner of the Shala. And I like him. So I decided this would be a good field trip even thought it's at the tag end of an Anusara - not Ashtanga Vinyasa - workshop.

The Immersion group was magnificent. Really steady and alert and open,. Really good students of the great study of Yoga. I am already looking forward to seeing them again in January.

Tonight Chris and I go up to Sandpoint to stay over with our wonderful friends Jim and Linda. (Linda is owner of the Sandpoint Yoga Studio. ). We have not seen them for awhile. I can't wait. I am already smiling.

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