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Sep 21, 2009


Today I am spending most of my time getting ready to go to Boise to teach an Anusara Yoga Immersion, Level II. It runs all week and ends next Sunday evening. While I'm there and thick into the teaching, I also have 2 study calls - one on Tuesday evening for 2 hours with Paul and another one several days later with my study group. I have a lot of trust that it will all fit together and that somehow it will all synchronize. It always does, if I let it. But right now I can't exactly see how that whole puzzle will fit together and I am curious.

Today I have been prepping class notes, and doing my "year-long"studies (I still keep awkwardly calling it my "year-long"studies. The actual name - Blue Throat Yoga - would probably worry some people - make them wonder just exactly what kind of weird stuff I'm getting into. So I keep saying "year long" program.)

- in addition to prep and practice and study, I went for a swim and afterwards got my hair cut. My hair cutter told me that my hair is in good shape and shows no sign of being steeped in Chlorine 3 times a week. (That's because I steep it in heavy conditioner and cover it with a cap before I steep the rest of myself in chlorine. Actually, the pool is not that heavily chlorinated - thanks to the use of saline).

Tonight I am making a really good dinner of butternut squash lasagna, veggie prima vera and salad. After dinner we'll watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica. (We are just at the beginning of Season 4 - so we had the whole Bob Dylan "watchtower" excitement last time - you Battle Star fans know what I mean.....unless you aren't that far in the series - in which case - never mind).

So, life seems good today, like it is poised in a balance of abundance and sweetness.....a perfect reflection of Autumn Equinox.

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