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Karen is a yogini, writer, student, teacher and meditator. She founded Garden Street School of Yoga in 2000. Karen lives with her husband Chris. They have two amazing sons, Eli and Leo (both of them young men).

Sep 19, 2009

Today Karen Faunce, from Moscow, ID, came over to the studio to teach Beth's 8:15 class. We set this up to give me a chance to observe her teach, give her feedback and help her prepare for her certification video. She did a great job. She is such a good teacher and her themes are wonderful. I'm hoping she can get a video ready to send in by Christmas. I find myself in the curious position of wanting to save my near and dear ones from getting blasted and incinerated by the fire of the certification assessment process at the national level - so I am trying to slow cook them here at home. We'll see....... unfortunately, since I am not the queen of the universe, I can't control how everything goes.

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