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Apr 20, 2010

One Month Later

Hello Again!
Last post was March 24 - almost exactly one month ago. A quick update:
  • My mother stabilized. My sisters and brother and father all encouraged me to go on my scheduled study and practice retreat. So I did - with a promise from them that they would tell me the truth - so that I could return "on a dime" if things took a sharp turn for the worse.But Mom stayed stable.
  • Beginning March 25, I spent 5 days with Paul Muller Ortega. We did a ton of in-depth study and practice, which included contemplation, asana, pranayama and meditation. The "study" part of things was us listening to brilliant wisdom pour out of Paul. It was a great 5 days. My Anusara friends - Denise and Rainey - were were there. Double bonus.
  • Next, I spent 3 days on my own. Wow - no schedule! - I wandered and walked and practiced and wrote.
  • Eli and Emmanuelle (who had arrived in the States, from India, on March 24) picked me up and we drove south together to see our teacher, Lee Lozowick, and the sangha. I spent 5 more days there. My Anusara friend - Christina - was there. Another bonus. We all did a fair bit of work (seva) and also listened to excellent talks by senior students. It was so good.
  • I flew home. Eli and Emmanuelle drove home. Once we all got home we proceeded to eat a lot of really good food every night. It was a celebration - having Emmanuelle here. The entire family is in love with her. She flew home on April 13 - Eli drove her to Seattle to catch her flight. Sad for all of us - but obviously saddest for Eli and Emmanuelle. They have 5 months before they see each other again.
  • And then it was back "not so much feasting" for the rest of us. Which is good - my clothes are too tight.
  • On April 16 - last Friday - I took the Advanced Immersion Group up to N-Sid-Sen retreat center. We had one of the best retreats ever in the history of the Universe. I am not kidding. Even the weather cooperated. It was magnificent! Every single member of that group is so bright - radiant.....The synergy was over the top.
  • Sunday - the last day of the retreat - was my birthday. So a little more feasting was in order. When I got home that evening from the retreat, Chris had cooked up a wonderful Indian feast.
  • OK - Now I mean it! It is back to "not so much feasting."