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Mar 1, 2010

Way leads onto Way...

This weekend I got lucky and had two great phone-connections with two of my favorite non-local Anusara friends, women I have known since "Inner Harmony"days when we studied together with John Friend. (Long time ago!)

On Saturday night I had a great conversation with Christina and on Sunday afternoon another good conversation with Sundari.

New ideas began to percolate among and between us - some of them involving offering therapeutic trainings that are a combination of bio-mechanical and energetic anatomy (specifically - Chinese Medicine). Well! I am jazzed. I used to teach Asian Style Body work and all the imagery and information about the energetic meridians and elements and all of that is so dear to my heart. I just didn't know if I would be called on to teach it again this lifetime!

Sundari and I scheduled ourselves to teach a day-long together in June. And I will offer a similar focus - weaving Chinese Medicine and meridian perspectives with therapeutics - when I teach with Noah in July. Christina and I are teaching together in August and several times again next year. All this collaboration is new for me -- I feel lucky and honored and happy.

It is cool for me to watch how this sort of thing comes into being. It's not so much that we get a "Big Idea" - it's more like we are available for an idea to arise. Or maybe (like Robert Frost said) "way leads onto way". Inspiration and "new ideas" arise "like the force that drives green shoots to break the winter ground" (China Galland). Inspiration arises from among us, if we let it.

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