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Dec 8, 2009


The Tuesday night class is so incredibly lovely and deep and sweet. Many of the students have been steady with me from the very start of things at Garden Street 9 years ago.

Teri P. was there in 2001. She and "Garbutt" went shopping for a Yoga teacher. Lucky me I got the job. Teri was working hard to recover from a violent rape. There she was - bright as a 10,000 watts - steady in her Yoga and in her courage. We were in the north-east room - and it was ugly. (This was before Chris and I fixed up the new space). When I think back to that time I don't remember "ugly room". I do remember the radiance of Teri, Garbutt, Nancy and Ellie who started out there with me on Tuesday nights. I don't know why I got so lucky.

It didn't matter that I was paying more in rent than I was making to teach. In August 2000, Chris and the boys and I had moved here from Boise for "the big job" (for Chris). We were thinking this job would allow us to relax and not worry so much about money. And then came 9-11 and then Chris got laid off. And wow - did my measly Yoga income seem more important!

I thought of getting a real job - but decided to hang on - and the students hung in there. And gradually others came. Even one person who sustains a bright spirit will attract more of the same. Pretty soon that resonance (brightness to brightness) had us fixing up the southern facing room. It was SO beautiful and bright - and it still is.

And now Garden Street Yoga is just about bursting with brightness. It is the same brightness that we started out with - from Teri and Nancy and gradually others. Like attracts like - light attracts light - love attracts love. And now we all get to be supported by that matrix of light and love. Its a Real thing.

Recently Nancy lost her beautiful son Whit in a car accident. And this Kula - the Tuesday night class - has been a place of deep support - not just for Nancy but for all of us. We have held each other in shared practice and good company --- drawing together to remember what's Real and enduring even when the unfathomably painful stuff happens. Without talking about it much we are all learning from Nancy's process and presence. I sometimes feel like her presence is what is teaching the class these days - I just make myself as available as I possibly can so that I can give voice to it.

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