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Dec 7, 2009

It's Monday night - just a quick update.

Chris's mom returned home last Wednesday and we missed her even before her plane took off. Chris left for a meditation retreat with Paul Muller Ortega on Thursday morning. Missing him. And Brandie - my long time friend - came on Saturday and just left this evening. Missing her.

Mixed in with all this visiting and missing was a lot of eating. I love preparing food for people i love.

We had a great teacher meeting at the studio on Saturday. The Garden Street teachers are the BEST. Meeting with them is one of my favorite things. Another favorite thing I got to experience twice over the weekend was spending time with Brandie at the studio - cleaning a little and practicing a lot. I am still blown away -after 9 years - at how beautiful the studio spaces are - both spaces are southern facing and are flooded with light and Shakti. It still takes my breath away sometimes. When I am there and busy being the teacher I don't notice the beauty as much. I love going in at other times and just being there.

The upcoming week is almost "normal" - We're working with shoulders and the lats.....I'm percolating a theme tonight - and will put it all together with a sequence in the morning.

But now I'm off to meditate and then read and then sleep. Lucky & lovely end to the evening.

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