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Oct 9, 2009


True freedom lies not in the power to say “yes” or “no”,
but in the power to say “YES” only.
~~~Saint Anselm

In 2 weeks I leave for a retreat and the completion of the year-long study and practice program - Blue Throat Yoga - with Paul Muller-Ortega. It has been quite an intense and wonderful year...... a deep study of the theory and philosophy of the practice (of yoga and meditation) as well as deepening into sadhana - the practice of the practice.

Just now there's even I am in finals week. The level of practice, study, writing and
bhavana (formal contemplation) of the Shiva Sutras has been amped up tremendously. Although it is a little overwhelming, it is a great opportunity to step up my level of studentship. So I keep saying YES. If there's one thing I've learned well this year it is that Shakti (Grace) organizes around YES - and is not so interested in maybe or later.

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