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Dec 30, 2008

No matter where you go......

Here in Cochin, the electricity is out and who know when it will be back big deal as it's middle of the day.....wonder if it will be on tonight because there are BIG New Years Celebrations in the works all over the place. Mr. Patrick is going to walk us look at the lights....(Nancy, I'll be thinking 'Yook at the Yights!"

Last night Eli and I slept like we were at the bottom of the ocean. Then I woke up at 3 am to a rooster crowing and decided to meditate.....first time since arriving. It was so amazing to speak aloud my meditation mantra – sacred words from India and then sit and do the work of the meditation. I felt like a phone handset after it's been disconnected and the message comes up "searching for base." For the majority of the meditation I was searching for base. And then I remembered Paul's teaching about what we are doing in meditation is searching for and aligning with the "bindu point in the middle of the yantra".......the sweet spot. Anyway I think I hit the sweet spot right at the end of meditation.....felt like I found the base and it is Ma India. After that I slept deeply again.
This morning Eli and I walked around pretty is hot here so it was nice to feel the morning air. And we have discovered cinnamon coffee which is really cinnamon and cardamom coffee.....I fell in love with it when I was in Egypt so long ago.....still love it.
We feel still confused about what to do next. Kerala has a lot of Ayurveda – Mr. Patrick explained that many of the facilities are very "not clean." And then there's Hill stations and back waters – hard to know how to arrange something like that as I can't pick up a phone, can't get on-line most of the time, and if I ask anybody they will immediately want to work up a deal with us! But we'll figure it out – or the Great Sequencing Goddess will figure it out. So – did I mention? - Paul has been teaching a lot about Shakti as the Great Sequencing Goddess.....I think it is his term for Grace and it is definitely a term for the supreme intelligence that dances through everything and unfolds our lives and events and even our genetic code in an amazing offering of of love. We can either participate and accelerate or we can put on the brakes.
WE discovered a chapel near our place – a very devotional shrine to Saint Anthony – my favorite child hood saint! Can you believe it! This sort of thing is kind of cracking me up – no matter where you go, there you are, or something along those lines. So Eli and I went in and knelt and said a was wonderful.
At the "cinnamon coffee shop, there is a picture of Jesus surrounded by Puja tools – ghee lamps a conch shell and so on (Puja means "altar and puja tools are the things used to show devotion in Hindu in church where they have incense....that sort of thing).
We heard from Elyse from Arizona – she is at Treveni II (Lee's ashram in India) and was hoping to see us but she is leaving on Jan. 4 so that won't happen since we arrive on Jan. 22. We'll spend some time with her son, Aaron though.
The uploading of pictures is a REALLY slow process – so I am sorry to only have included the two pretty boring ones of Eli and I – we'll do our best to get some more out to you.....
We will stay here tonight – see the big celebrations – and stay tomorrow night – we booked some tickets to see some traditional Kerala dance. After that I think we will go on a houseboat out of Allepey – we can hire a house boat for 2 and go for a day or several....hard to figure out how to do that so we'll see. And I know we will go to Ammachi's ashram via backwaters boat.....also out of Allepey. So I guess the next step is to see how to get to Allepey and find accommodations.
There's also the Hill stations....that would be a trip north into the state of Tamil Nadu – Nara from the Arizona ashram told us to go to Coonoor and do hiking......maybe from there to Mysore....

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