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Dec 31, 2008


Just got back from a walk around – it is really intense tonight – very loud music blaring everywhere (I think the decibel system here must go higher). There was fireworks that actually caused pain in my eardrum. And there were lots of intense young men drinking and looking aggressively friendly. Interlaced with this, every few hundred feet there was a huge slightly "off" looking Santa Claus figure. And somehow, as we wove our way through all this we ended up in a parade in honor of Blessed Virgin Mary – Hundreds and hundreds of people holding candles and in procession, followed by a "float" atop of which was mounted a statue of Mary. All along the route, in front of their homes, people had made shrines to Mary. I guess that's what the young women were busy doing while the young men were busy otherwise. So there she was again – MA. This time Ma Mary embedded in Ma India (Maria – Matrix – Mater – Mother).
So it looks like we're in for impossibly loud music until 2 am. And then we're up early to go back to Mother Teresa's orphanage – we went there today – had to catch another MA – and were invited back to help feed the children tomorrow morning.....they're all mentally disabled and physically disabled – can't feed themselves. Pretty grim – really grim. But the sister who took us around was as full of serenity and happiness as you can imagine. Eli and I had a good talk about what we really think we are doing by going to help there........really we can't help, but maybe it's more of a participatin in the condition of compassion (for you yoga types - Sutra 1.33 - welcoming the presence of or arising of compassion /karuna.)

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