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Aug 20, 2008


"That which is to give light must endure burning"
~ Victor Frankl

Today we played with Fire. We practiced with stronger than usual attention to bandha and incorporated quick, upward and penetrating types of movement. The correleated Anusara principle is Outer Spiral and Tailbone action - so of course we engaged a lot of that, taking it into backbends. We also played around with Pilates-like movements and Kundalini Yoga style movements. We did a fiery, quick-paced practice of Surya Namaskar. I am sure that if the weather had not gotten so cool, there would have been a mutiny in the studio with all that fire.

The evidence of the Fire element (agni) is radiance or tejas. Too much fire brings depletion, or burn-out, while too little fire invites dullness or lack of radiance.
The source, in the body, is Solar Plexus - 3d Chakra (manipura chakra - radiant gem).

The correlated sense is sight so today our homework has been to open to the grace of light and color - to take in and send out radiance - tejas - via the eyes.

This is a really short and hurried entry as my mother-in-law is here and I must get present with that. And that's a de-Light.

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