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Nov 10, 2011


I'm speeding right along. Happy. Energized. So grateful for my work!

The week long, part I Immersion finished on Sunday night. An amazing group - and I mean it. A deep and ongoing contemplation arose in me - from being with that group and their process. I know I'll write about it. But not now. Too busy.

Yesterday I finally finished the main phase of a rather stretched out Ayurvedic cleanse I've been doing with the guidance of Patricia Berger. It stretched out so long because there was just so much going on - and the main phase (yesterday) was just not something I could pull off unless I had a whole day clear. (I'll spared you the details). Anyway, I got'r'done and am looking forward to regular food. The process was excellent. a strong but reasonable cleanse that I could accomplish during a very busy work schedule It didn't leave me depleted or with a lot of weight loss (I've done a lot of cleanses and also guided a lot of people through Chinese Medicine based cleanses. I  know one can use cleanses to lose weight- but that kind of weight often does not stay off - in my experience - so it's probably best not to have that as a goal).

This Friday we have Friday Night Live - Led Advanced Practice. Then 11.11.11 Enchantmant - which involves chanting until 11:11 pm.  Jenni Fallein, who first taught me the Gayatri 30 years, ago is leading the Gayatri. Patricia Berger, my good friend and Ayurvedic practitioner here in Coeur d'Alene is leading Shiva Shambo - and I'm leading the Maha Mrtyunjaya. It is going to be SO good...... a High that is legal and non-toxic.

Saturday is the extra long Saturday Morning class.....90 minutes Asana and 30 minutes Restorative. Then at 12:30 we have Cami Cote's practicum. Go Cami.

Saturday night Chris and I are going dancing.  No, really!

Sunday morning is Joy Ride - which is 4 hours for Immersion Graduates and - if I may say so myself - is aptly named. We truly deepen into sadhana together - as a community of practitioners who are seasoned.

Sunday afternoon - it's Mom and Dad.....I can't wait. I didn't get to see them last week. Going to visit with them has truly become a sort of darshan (seeing and being seen by the Sacred).  This Sunday I want to read aloud to them a wonderful, satirical essay written by Lee Lozowick - The Divine Path of Growing Old. It's funny and full of Truth.

On Monday I have a full day of being secretary to the business.

Tuesday morning early Leo and I leave for the ashram. may be what Paul M-O call the condition or "unreasonable happiness". So - I'm that - but also I'm too busy to write the more substantial stuff right now - for example about that Immersion group and what can happen in an intelligent circle of aligned students and practitioners. It was pretty remarkable. Stand by.
Thanks for Reading.

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