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Apr 14, 2011

Inner Body Bright

The Immersion - Part II - was wonderful, composed of a group of bright, mature, dedicated, kind and light-heartedly serious students. They earned their name: "the hallelujah kula".

One of the questions that came up in this group - and which has been a contemplation for me for quite a while - is "what exactly IS Inner Body Bright?" There is not a "right" answer because it's not a small, narrow sort of question. But I do know that Inner Body Bright is the consort of a lifted heart and spirit.

When I was a child of 3 or so, my inner body (blueprint, matrix and context) was flexibly permeable. It was made up of ancestry and genetics and of my own soul force.  It was not yet solidified and a Big Context could infuse "me" and swell the riverbanks of energy in me, overflowing with Inner Body Bright.

I grew up and consolidated my riverbanks (although at several points I also flooded them or swamped them out). I became established in being Karen Sprute-Francovich through identity, education, work, relationship, acquired conditioning, etc.  My inner body blueprint became much less flexibly permeable.

Which has been, and is, O.K.  I've had, and have, work to do and need a stable self with which to do that work.  But there's a trade-off.  The Big Context doesn't so easily infuse and overflow the riverbanks.  Inner body is not always making an invitation to Big Context. Lot of days I just hope to catch up on business. 

But I am fortunate beyond telling and I know it. I have been taught authentic practices (sadhana) and have a life that allows me to stay steady in those practices.  I have good work and great Work, I have True teachers and excellent teachers. I have amazing relations - at home and in the wide world - with family and friends who are fellow practitioners and who are passionate about being awake, and cultivating a Work body that is Bright and capable of Love.

Thanks to all this blessing my matrix has not grown irreversibly inflexible or impermeable. In fact, more and more now - there are signs of spring and melting. I have a lot of work to do. I am very much Karen Sprute-Francovich and grateful for this life. And yet. I catch glimpses more often now, imagining and remembering how it is to invite Big Context. To open to something Much Bigger than "me" so that Blessing Force can swell to overflowing. It's the fruit of Yoga. It's a free gift of Grace - just like Spring comes every year whether I've been "good" or not.

Saying "yes" to Inner Body Bright - inviting Big Context into my individual matrix of self - is what I came here for. Inner Body Bright is what the Immersion Groups come together for.  They form a group that is a Kula - a body of Work and practice - and an invitation is made for Big Context to infuse the matrix of the Work body of the Kula.  Light infuses.  The kula grows greater in it's capacity for Love and Work, as does each member. It happens every single Immersion.  It's why names like "hallelujah kula" arise so naturally. 

Watch Inner Body Bright in action..... one small individual embodying one Huge this 4 Minute You-Tube.

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