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Mar 19, 2011

Super Moon

It's Saturday night and its equinox and there's a "super moon" in the sky.  We are near the end of an Anatomy and Therapeutics workshop with Martin Kirk.  It has been excellent.  Martin is a great teacher....funny, smart and kind.  Thanks to him and to the good company around me this weekend, and to the luxury of being "just" a student, I have fallen in love all over again with Anatomy and with Anusara.    It's like I have been spending an entire weekend with my best friends, looking into my favorite subjects......(And I call this my job!!)

The workshop was completely full - and redefined what "full house" means - I now know that Garden Street studio can accommodate 40 people on mats. It was so fun.  And inspiring.   Martin's teaching is stellar....really excellent.

Right now I am waiting for the boys to Skype from India.

This short post is a sort of adios since my mom has stabilized and I am therefore off to the desert for my 2 week solo retreat. My bags are packed - and the desk is cleared (miracle).  The auto-reply on the e-mail is "on".  All I have to do now is wait for my beautiful sons to call. But Ma India is very unpredictable - likes to do things like cut the power just when we were going to Skype. So all I really have to do now is expand with gratitude for my life and be a radiant connection to and reflection of the "super moon" up in the sky tonight.

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