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Feb 11, 2011

Dear Bloggoddess.....

Today is Immersion Prep day - and I should be prepping and only prepping all day. But the Blog-Goddess reached out and said - POST A BLOG -- JUST DO IT. 

So.......OK.........just a short post.........and then back to prepping.......

I am teaching two Anusara Immersions in tandem this year - a first for me. One is the week long variety.  We had the first of the 3 weeks last week. The other Immersion is the Saturdays variety. And we will have our 9th Saturday together tomorrow. There are advantages to both formats. I love both groups.  I am grateful beyond telling for my work.  I love my work.

I am scheduled to go to Arizona for a 2 week solitary retreat.   I'll be "going in" on March 20.  Lee's ashram has a retreat center far out in the middle of the the grid entirely.   This is my own personal "big deal" for now.  And it really does feel like a big deal. I know it will be intense but I like intense.  I'll be writing more about that "big explore in the inner woods" I am sure.

Leo comes home on March 28......(Eli is staying a while longer in India - hasn't set a return date yet but thinks late April).  I'll still be "off the grid" and on retreat so Chris will get the first and freshest post-India hit from our wonderful Leo. But then I get to have him sort of to myself for a week because the day after I get home from retreat we start the second week-long Immersion in which Leo is enrolled. 

Dear Bloggoddess.....I PROMISE I will write more on Monday.

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