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Sep 10, 2010

Great Beginnings

This past Tuesday we had a great beginning of the Autumn session of classes at Garden Street. Tomorrow - Saturday - will be another great beginning - the new Immersion group. I think this is the 9th Immersion I've taught. The first one was 108 hours and we called it "Beauty School". That was before Anusara Immersions existed - (or maybe I just unconsciously caught the early first wave). Anyway - THAT first Immersion was another truly great beginning. Beauty School was a perfect name for what transpired during that year long Immersion into Yoga.

I always try to honor - pay careful attention to - the beginning of any big endeavor in Yoga. For some people, beginning the Autumn session of classes is a big endeavor. For others, beginning the Immersion is their current big endeavor. It inspires me to see people who are already so open and bright, longing to go deeper and wider in their practice and understanding. I am grateful beyond telling that these amazing students keep giving me the tremendous gift of allowing me to be their guide. I have the best job in the universe.

This session the theme for my classes and for Part I of the Immersion is LIGHT. Turning on Lights. Turning up the Light. Expanding from the inside out with Light. Like that. I started it out this week by working with the first principle (good place to start). I used the image of an electrical plug correlated to foundation work: if you want to turn on a light, make sure it is plugged in. A firm and impeccable plugging in (of the four corners of the feet in a standing pose, for example) will energize the expansion of Light and prana from the inside out - and you are able to open more fully to grace.

Every time I take a step deeper into Yoga - via asana, pranayama, meditation, principles of alignment, deeper understanding of philosophy, and so on - I am taking a step towards greater Light. And I love it that it is so visible, so tangible. With practice we really do become Brighter. Lights go on, physically and mentally. The Light of the Heart shines brighter. The Light of Consciousness expands and begins to illuminate even seemingly mundane details such as how to align the outside edge of the foot! That's why I love the details as much as I love the "big picture", I love impeccable alignment as much as I love the poetic and the mystical. I have the best job in the universe. I am grateful beyond telling.

There is one more great beginning. My younger son, Leo - 18 - is starting the Immersion tomorrow. His brother Eli - 21 - just finished Anusara Teacher Training at Garden Street. Both Eli and Leo love Yoga and love Garden street. How lucky am I?!!

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