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Jul 12, 2010

End of the Middle

Last night we finished up the second of our three weeks of summer teacher training. As Tom put it - we reached the end of the middle of the beginning. Getting there was intense - a pressure cooker. Everyone got well-cooked. The suddenly hot weather just added to the heat in the chamber. There were quite a few melt-downs but everyone stayed the course.

Yesterday, when everyone did their final demo teaching for this session, I was so happy and grateful to see and hear these teachers standing much more firmly in themselves than last session. They skilfully taught from a place of remembrance - stayed in their feet and in their hearts. AND - they had such a better handle on the discreet teaching skills that we've been working on. Our next week is in August so people will have plenty of time to process, assimilate and practice . Most of these teachers are quite experienced and are actively teaching - so they will have plenty of opportunity to practice between now and August.

Back to the "suddenly hot weather".....I was more aware than ever that I am not separate from my environment. I mean, the AC did not make a difference. Not really. The heat outside became the heat inside the chamber and inside me......As I felt heat (pitta) rising I kept hearing Patricia's Ayurvedic counsel: "Pacify Pitta. And fennel is your friend". So when I finally got done cleaning up - instead of going home to pick a heat-induced fight with Chris, I decided at the last minute to go jump in the lake. Bliss. Coolness. I can't believe I ever agreed to live anywhere that didn't have lakes everywhere.

Now for a small pitta-esque comment: I am increasingly irritated by the multiple blog comments in Chinese (or is it Korean). I put a filter on to block apparently these are not spam because they have increased since the filter. So I decided to block comments to this blog for awhile. I get the most thoughtful comments mainly by e-mail anyway. Thanks for those.

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