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Jun 14, 2010

Sundari and "Ready, Set....."

Monday Afternoon - I just dropped Sundari to the airport. Wow - what an excellent weekend. On Saturday we co-taught a therapy training. I was so impressed with Sundari's deep and intimate understanding of feet, ankles, shins and knees. Her knowledge is keen and her instructions are really a form of transmission. She knows the terrain of the legs the way nobody else I've ever met know it due to 20 years of bodywork, 30 years of Yoga, a traumatic injury of her lower leg, a great heart and a bright intelligence.

She had a major trauma to her leg 4 years ago - almost lost it in fact. And what did she do with that major trauma? She turned it into a gift and offered it back out to her students. That's truly a sign of being on the "path", in my book.

We co-taught easily and happily and effectively together. It was so much fun and neither of us was drained the way we sometimes can be after a day of "full-on" teaching. We each felt so nourished that we decided to co-teach a retreat together next spring....details forthcoming.

On Sunday, Sundari taught alone and - as on Saturday - we had a fuller-than-full house. A great group of people showed up for her excellent teaching.

Aside from teaching, we ate great food - (Chris was his usual generous self and cooked for us) and took an excellent hike in the first sunshine either of us has seen for awhile. And this morning I got to spend the first half of her birthday with her.

I am feeling renewed and rejuvenated by the experience of co-teaching and by spending time with a very good friend. So I am ready to go - (insert sound of motors revving here) as the Teacher Training begins Wednesday morning. Today and tomorrow are going to focused on "ready, set....."

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