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May 24, 2010


Hey - Long time no write.

I have been deep into things here: teaching; studio; my own studies and practices; steadily focusing on the Advanced Immersion; supporting Leo's stellar (Yep - stellar!) track season and his get the picture.

So many people have asked me why I didn't go to the Certified Teacher Gathering this year. Some seemed shocked, like I had missed going to a mandatory church function. is true - this is the first certified teacher gathering I have ever missed since gatherings began in 2001. So I suppose I owe an explanation.

Part of my explanation is in the first paragraph of this post......the fullness of life at the local level. And believe me - the local level is where it's at for me----it's what is Real. It's what is sacred for me.

I really think that a Light is turning up its heat and intensity, and this is happening all over the place - including in Anusara. Light brings with it heat (tapas), purification and clarification. I see Light blazing through the institution of Anusara at the same time that I see that Anusara is itself a source of Light. The Light that moves through and cleans house is not to be confused with the mess and darkness that is being illuminated and cleared. It's an important thing to keep in mind. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water might be another way of saying this. The Light that is Anusara is going to continue to shine into every dark corner. And that's awkward. But that's what we are all committed to.

So - prior to the gathering - I did a lot of contemplation and looking within - really asking myself what would be in best alignment regarding attending the gathering or not. I came to a completely clear knowing that for me - this year -it would be in better service to Light to stay home.

I am steady in my commitment to the Light that is Anusura . Nothing has changed there. It's a brilliant method and I love practicing and teaching it.

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  1. Nice post. This is really grounded and honest. I've been thinking about this too, and what comes to mind is this: being an Adult Practitioner is not meant to be comfortable. It's about making discerning choices about your own Service to the Light in your immediate life today. If we expect to be fed like baby birds and to not have to make decisions, we're still in the stage of adolescent sprituality. Not bad, just recognizing that there's a whole other level of the Work. I heard Dean Lerner, Sr. Iyengar teacher, once tell of his early correspondence with Mr. Iyengar, in which he confessed that he was not always comfortable in the poses in Light on Yoga. Mr. Iyengar's reply: "I'm not particularly concerned with your comfort." Similarly, John has always stood tall in the middle of discomfort, often stirring the pot himself. Being part of the "Merry Band," in whatever way, is unlikely to be a bed of roses. But continually asking, "how does this challenging teaching serve my life, my dharma, today?" is an adult practitioner's response. And choosing to stay instead of go, or go instead of stay, or whatever, is, in my opinion, between you and the Light. Thank you, Karen, for being an example to me of what an adult practitioner is.