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Jan 17, 2010


Tah-dah-dah DAH-Tah-dah!

Announcing! Jenifer Harbour- a bright inspiration of a human being - has earned the title Anusara Inspired. She is joining Terri Simmons in the Inspired designation as teachers at the studio. How lucky is Garden Street Yoga!? Very.

Anusara Inspired used to be a lesser-big-deal designation. But in the last two years - as "Anusara On High" has ratcheted up the requirements - it has become a real accomplishment.

Jen found me a few years ago. She had found Yoga and really found Anusara Yoga. She dived in with immeasurable enthusiasm and intelligence. Her huge-bigheartedness was fueled in large part by her dedication to her work with at risk youth and her decade-long work with the kids in the juvenile system. Read her blog.

She jumped on board the Anusara ship and set sail and took the Immersion - took the teacher training - started teaching and within a very short time was teaching between 15 and 20 classes a week between Garden Street Yoga and North Idaho College and Juvenile Detention.

Jen truly embodies Anusara Yoga and its wholehearted affirmation of intrinsic goodness even in the "very bad boys" (in juvie); and her true understanding of Kula and generosity of spirit that must manifest in a true community of practice; and in her supremely intelligent incorporation of the Anusara Principles of Alignment as a way to actualize and animate all that goodness and connectedness.

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