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Dec 26, 2009

Day Timer Post

Wow - it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted. I blame the holidays. Everybody blames the holidays.

One week from today we begin the Advanced Immersion. A great group has gathered. They are all really excellent in their student-ship and dedication to the practice. I know we will be able to go deep into study, practice and community (kula) together. We meet all day on Saturdays, approximately twice a month, through June, with 3 more Saturdays in the Autumn. And we have a retreat in April.

I have been busy prepping for that. We'll be studying Anatomy (both musculo-skeletal and energetic) meditation, Tantric philosophy, the Shiva Sutras, contemplation (bhavana). the Anusara Principles of Alignment.............It's going to be a great adventure.

Two weeks from today Desiree Rumbaugh will be here for a weekend workshop which has filled up nicely. She will be teaching all day Saturday and half day Sunday. When I take her to the airport on Sunday I'll be picking up a couple of Immersion students, because on Monday we are beginning Immersion III here. Some of the Boise students are coming up for that.....lucky us.

Three weeks from Today Immersion III will be ending. It will be sad to say goodbye. Some of the students will be going on to Teacher Training. I did find a great rhythm and timing for the scheduling of Teacher Training at Garden Street Yoga and will run the full 108 hours of teacher training this summer - one week in June, one in July and one in August. The August week I'll co-teach with Christina Sell. That will be a treat for me - like dessert.

Three Months From Today I will be launching into the next phase of study with Paul Muller Ortega. My study partners from Blue Throat, Denise and Rainey, will be with me again. Happily!

Every Day
I am writing. I really have gotten some traction now. I had been getting nudges and shoves from several important directions, telling me to get to it. So finally I ceased my resistance and excuses and terror and got into the harness.

OK - well - that was sort of a day-timer of a post.....Hopefully I won't get so far behind and the next post can be a little more substantial or thoughtful - We'll see..........

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  1. I cannot wait to read the fruits of your traction!!! I am so looking forward to Advanced Immersion too!! I love you!!