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Dec 31, 2009

Blue Moon Happiness

Today was a great day..... My Blue Moon - Full Moon - New Year's Eve was full of ordinary, mundane happiness.

Chris and I started early with meditation as usual. Then he was off to work at Gonzaga and I had a really nice asana practice. Afterwards I worked for several hours preparing for the Advanced Immersion which begins on Saturday.

Mid-day, Raphael from across the street rang our doorbell. He and his large extended family moved here about a year ago. They are the most friendly neighbors I have ever known. I mean, they actually cross the street and ring the doorbell........ without even being missionaries! Instead of the gospel they bring us Mexican delicacies.

So - anyway, Raphael and a few of his grandsons rang the door bell and gifted us with Rum Cake. As always, I got a blast of shakti from their friendliness. And, as always when I see them, I determine that I must become a better neighbor. I don't hold a candle to them when it comes to sheer good will and neighborliness. I always get lost in workspace instead. But they keep teaching me - by example - so there's hope. I am inspired to try once again.

In the afternoon, after just a tiny sliver of rum cake, I had a great swim. I swam longer than usual and I was sort of blissed out at the must have been the rum.

When Chris and I both got home we made a meal of veggie stew and sauteed cabbage. I know it sound disgusting but it was SO DELICIOUS.

I sort of wish, from time to time, that I was a better party- goer and could go dancing or something BIG to bring in the new year. But really I don't like to do BIG things on my off-time. My work life always seems kind of BIG so being home and mellow is a my favorite thing. And really it's better that way, since ordinary, mundane happiness, like Raphael and family, comes around more easily and more often than a Blue Moon.

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