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Oct 28, 2009


I got home from the retreat on Sunday quite late. It was so good to get home to beloved husband, sons and cat and to sit in the warmth of our cozy wood fire.

Before I left on retreat I was "practicing hard" and studying hard. And the retreat itself was wonderful and really hard work. And so getting home felt like a time to kick back, relax and take a little vacation. And that is what I did for a couple of days - no meditation - no practice.

This morning I decided it was time to sit down and get down to business. And so I moved into practice - starting with pranayama, moving into some chanting and Puja practice, and finally beginning meditation. Wow! It was like coming back home to my favorite place in the world. It was so good to come home to the Beloved and sit in the warmth of remembrance of the Heart.

What was i thinking!? That I needed a vacation? A vacation from what?

Today I visited my parents. Mom is bedridden. Dad is full time care-taker. They are so sweet....beyond telling. And they do not take vacations. They simply continue. There is no break from practice. Their whole life has become an unceasing prayer. That's it. That's IT.

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