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Sep 16, 2009

Mission Impossible

On Monday I finished teaching a 6 day Immersion. Next Monday I leave for Boise to begin another one. In the middle of this, my meditation and philosophy teacher, Paul Muller Ortega, sent us a ramped up schedule of study and practice, which was like getting a "mission impossible" order - on a tape that incinerates - (do I date myself?) But I have to confess that I am in the mode of 100% YES. I feel so happy to be offered more access to this amazing study and practice. And teaching is a huge boon - taking the access and understanding infinitely deeper - not to mention that it pays the bills.

The outrageous-wild-garden-fullness of my work, study and practice life has been interwoven with, and added to, by some really cool things going on in our household. The boys are adults now - have been for quite awhile. They are so amazing in their creativity and contributions and work. Given all of that and their adulthood, and the fact that our household has been set up to accommodate children and parents living together rather than adults living in community, we began to brainstorm how we could change the architecture of the house to accommodate the evolved situation. We came up with a plan and built a sort-of apartment for the boys. We all still share our "common area' of kitchen and living room. But Chris and I have our own sort-of apartment on the east side of the house and Eli and Leo have their own sort-of apartment on the west side of the house. It is working like a charm. We are all entirely pleased with the set up.

With so much going on - I considered that I might never again write a blog. But now I think that instead of that option, I will write every day. I am WAY into the Mission Impossible scenario. Bring it on.

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