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Karen is a yogini, writer, student, teacher and meditator. She founded Garden Street School of Yoga in 2000. Karen lives with her husband Chris. They have two amazing sons, Eli and Leo (both of them young men).

May 22, 2009

No Problem

Since last post, a few universes have whirled by me. I've avoided being struck by any asteroids. I have been feeling showered with grace - maybe it's star dust. Sometimes I almost start complaining that all this grace is showering down on me at such an incredible speed that it stings a little.

The studio, both the business aspect and the teaching continue to be a lot of work and continue to go really well. All the teachers are National Treasures. rare finds, pure gold. One of these years I want to just focus on teaching and writing - not add on so many extras. But this is not the year.

In mid-April I went to the second of three intensives in Sedona with Paul Muller Ortega. That just about knocked my socks off - although I was not wearing any since the weather was warm enough for sandals and bare feet.

Two weeks later I went to another week long intensive - the Anusara Certified Teachers Gathering in Denver. That was a week of strong, hard work on a lot of levels. It was definitely rich and worthwhile.

Noah Maze came to teach a workshop at Garden Street last weekend. We had an awesome weekend. In case I had any doubt about where my biceps are located, I no longer have to wonder.

Noah took off on Sunday night and Eli came home on Monday night. We have been having a great reunion. After I finish this post, he and I are going swimming at the brand new, huge, megalith of a center in Coeur d'Alene - the Kroc Center. It was funded by McDonald's Hamburgers. They say the foundation is made of Big Macs. I don't care - I love to swim. The huge lap pool, which would generally have 300 gallons of chlorine, has only 25 gallons .The rest is saline. I am in heaven when I swim there.

Next Tuesday, Chris (my husband) is leaving for 2 weeks. He will be doing a silent meditation retreat - sitting for 10 - 12 hours each day. Meditation Boot Camp. The day he gets back I begin teaching the Teacher Training Intensive in Coeur d'Alene - approx. 10 hours a day for 6 days. Teacher Training Boot Camp.

I am thinking that after all this.....after all these universes of swirling work and relationship and study have settled down to a slightly slower orbit, I will be able to return to a more regular writing practice. I miss it like crazy. Of course, I do write and write and write and write - every day I compose SO MANY e-mails!

Life has been so busy that I find myself sometimes starting to fall into a conditioned and habitual response of "overwhelm" accompanied by the "I'm too busy blues". But lately, something new has been happening. Somehow I'm being stopped in my overwhelm tracks, by a true sense of surprise that there is NO PROBLEM. I am happy! (I have got to remember to keep a close eye on those sneaky conditioned, habitual responses - they can ruin a perfectly fine day!)


  1. Nice to hear your 'voice' again. I feel very happy to read some of my favorite people each morning -- Sundari, Christina & you. I'm coming to Spokane next week; hope to see you in person for at least one class.

  2. I've pretty much recovered from my oral surgery and am just printing off the flyer for the new class in Pullman next week and I thought 'I need a hit from Karen S-F.' And there was the new blog! Thank you!