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Feb 10, 2009

The Wage of Sin is Death

I don't know quite what happened to me last night but in the middle of the night, I woke up to a painful bite on my finger. This is pretty much an expected thing anymore, but last night I lost it. I got out of my mosquito net, I grabbed my sleeping sheet/bag and violently shook it because I wasn't sure if the foe was a mosquito or a bed bug, and then I grabbed the "mosquito zapper" (which Eli and I used to think was a dumb idea and now we love it) and I began a rampage against mosquitoes, killing every mosquito in sight. No matter that it was only one or two that deserved it. No matter that I couldn't possibly prevail against the 10 trillion mosquitoes in the neighborhood. I was wrathful. Maybe it was because I had listened to a presentation by Viviene the bible woman from Virginia, talking about "the wages of sin is death" (shouldn't it read the wages of sin are death? I have always wondered about that bad syntax). Or maybe it was because that stupid bug had bitten my "angry finger" - you know, the one in the middle. Finally the tide of wrath receded. I returned to my senses and saw the carnage around me -- 3 dead mosquitos.


  1. It's an excessively literal translation from Greek. It's alright to use a singular verb with a neuter plural noun as the subject in that language.

  2. LOVE this story--I have been a crazy bug hunter myself--I believe it is an artform and takes great skill to find and conquer mosquitoes in the dark! Love you!