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Oct 6, 2008


I just finished teaching 3 days in Boise. This is such a great group of students and friends. My oh-so-wonderful friend Brandie is the one who hosts me so the whole experience of coming to Boise is always HAPPY. I loved seeing the teacher group. And Franko and Annie - who traveled back and forth 2 years ago for the Immersion in Coeur d'Alene are like extended family to me. I'm HAPPY! And getting happier by the moment as Brandie and I are heading down to Miracle Hot springs within the hour.

The theme for the weekend workshop focused on Kali, Laksmi and Sarasvati. Kali was cast as the exhale, bahya kumbhak, forward bends and the Ida channel. Laksmi played the part of inhale, antar kumbhak, backbends and Pingala. Sarasvati is the place in the middle with samavritti, nadi shodhana, sushumna, twists and so on. So it was like that. It all felt nicely woven in with the festival of Durga Navratri which is going on right now.

The whole experience in Boise has evolved over the years and it seems to be the case now that I'm really being asked to teach a little deeper (thus the above theme). The group of students that have kept showing up over the years is definitely wanting an Immersion - we have that scheduled. This is all good but brings a problem with it - I can't do this and also effectively teach to people new to Anusara - I just don't have enough time in the year. So it was really HAPPY news to find out that some Anusara-interested students in Boise (who I don't yet know - except for Paula) are having Adam Ballinger come in to do a workshop. This is so great - and will really help open Anusara in Boise to newer students. The Immersion I'm starting March is booking well and feels like a "go" and now I'm thinking that in combination with Adam's work, the people in Boise who are eager for Anusara will be HAPPY.

OK - so I will sign off and go to Miracle. I am hoping that things slow down just a bit and I will be writing a little more frequently - that would make me HAPPY.

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