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Oct 20, 2008

Yoga Safari Weekend into the Regions of Kindness

This past weekend was a Yoga Safari of sorts - or, as Pooh would say, a "Big Explore in the Yoga Woods".
David Garrigues - one of the few people in the U.S. certified by Patahbi Jois to teach Ashtanga Vinysa Yoga - came to present a workshop at the Spokane School of Yoga. David is Katie Gehn's teacher. Katie is the owner of Spokane Yoga Shala, a co-teacher with me at the Spokane School of Yoga, and an entirely wonderful woman and Yogin.

Anyway, I arranged for the Anusara Immersion students to go over as a group to this Ashtanga Vinyasa workshop. It really was like visiting a wonderful and foreign culture. I even gave out tourist manuals ahead of time - things like "The Primary Series" Ashtanga Practice and so on. We all did quite well. Everyone was a top notch traveller / visitor and David and Katie were very hospitable.

On Sunday I headed up to Creston B.C. with Beth McGibbon driving. Beth is a teacher at Garden Street and has friends in the Yoga community in Creston so decided to come up with me for the day. What an awesome group of people showed up to learn about Anusara Yoga! Honestly, I felt so delighted to be there as the students who showed up were so down to earth and bright and KIND. That's the main thing - Kind. On Saturday David had talked a little about signs of progress in the practice. We moved off the subject pretty quickly as some other fairly academic questions were posed. But we touched on it long enough to spark my contemplation and I kept coming back to this: progress in the practice is evidenced by increased kindness. Simple.

The students in Creston were good demonstrations of progress in the practice as they are truly kind and open-hearted as well as open-minded. It was a great day.

Today I finally purchased my tickets to India. I'm leaving on December 28 and staying until the end of February. And that will be another Yoga Safari.

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