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Sep 11, 2008

Karma and Kula

Karma and Kula
Hey everyone,
Garden Street Yoga is launching Karma Yoga Project. This will be an ongoing series of small and large service efforts. Jen Harbour is working with me and is really perfect for this – as you’ll see if you don’t know her already.

About Karma Yoga: In doing service without attachment to payment or results, we are practicing Karma Yoga. This is an extension of our Heart (funded by our steadiness and strength) outward to “life off the mat”. In Yoga practice we draw in deeply to our innate strength and generosity of spirit, and we gradually but inevitably cultivate the capacity and pathways in ourselves to extend our heart, through work (Karma Yoga), to the current circumstance. In this way we take the Yoga off the mat.

Kula means family, literally, but in Anusara Yoga, Kula has the broader connotation of “community of practice". That would be us. A Kula engaged in Karma Yoga is able to make a profound shift in the community.

At this point in the Garden Street Karma Yoga Project, we need ideas for our first big project which we will pull off on Sunday December 7. Who do you know of that needs help? Maybe an elderly shut-in needs a deep cleaning and painting of the inside of the house. Maybe we could do a street or beach clean up. These are just ideas "off the top" to encourage you to think about the people you know or know of and what they might need. We need your ideas for projects and we need the stories, which will help to capture our hearts and make it a little easier to commit our time.

We intend that the projects will be funded by donations from outside the Yoga community (eg. paint form Lowe's, food from grocery stores, money from rich people we don’t know (joke – kind of). We in the Yoga Kula will supply the time and bodies necessary to do a project.
All ideas are welcome. This is not limited to Yoga individuals, but is a weaving of our Kula with the larger community.

We are not encouraging that you just give money instead of time. If you need to do that then you can donate to the scholarship fund instead. The Scholoarship fund has been growing quietly for the past 2 years and in a way it was the true beginning of Garden Street Karma Yoga. People have graciously and anonymously donated money to help people take classes and to pay for Immersion and Teacher Trainings. Since everybody that donates wants “no fanfare” I have not made any big announcements about all of this – but believe me – it has been helpful. This last year you donated over $800. to the scholarship fund. Students are SO GRATEFUL! Not a single student takes it casually or as an entitlement.

So - Send in your ideas for Karma Yoga. As Christina Sell would say, "It'll be great. We're gonna love it."

Love cannot remain by itself—it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.---Mother Theresa

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