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Aug 23, 2008

Air and Space

On Thursday we practiced with the Air Element and the sense of touch. It was a really slow and gentle practice because that's what Thursday mornings were promised to be - "Sweet and Easy Thursdays". We focused on Organic Energy and did a lot of pausing to feel clearly the effects of each asana.

Yesterday - Friday - we wrapped up Week Two of Summer Mornings with an Eye of the Tiger Practice and a focus on the element called "Space" which correlates with the sense of hearing.

I have been enjoying late evenings with Chris' mother visiting and by Friday morning the combination of late to bed and up at 4 am really caught up with me. Plus, we ate a fish called Escolar. It is incredibly delicious grilled. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Apparently it has an oil in it that is indigestible by humans but I didn't really believe it and wasn't about to let it interfere with my enjoyment. At 1 in the morning I changed my opinion about the benign nature and digestibility of Escolar. I'll spare you the details.

Anyway, I was so incredibly tired at 4:30am as I was getting ready to leave the house. I always get a boost when I teach so I wasn't worried. But here' the funny thing, I looked around the classroom yesterday and almost everybody looked REALLY tired - and confirmed that they were. You might suspect that the tiredness was a cumulative effect of 2 weeks of early morning practice. But I don't think so. People have been reporting better energy and GREAT naps. And this is our fifth annual Summer Mornings so experience has taught me that people don't generally get more tired but more energized as the morning intensive unfolds. I don' know why we all ended up on the same page yesterday, the one labeled TIRED. Life is a remarkable and mysterious synchrony!

So! I changed my teaching plan in mid-stream. We still did a long strong practice but I weeded out several of the standing poses and several of the backbends. This gave us more time to focus on deep forward bends and hip openers. I only wish I had left time for supta baddha konasana and a longer savasana - to really send people on their way rested.

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