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Jul 29, 2008

Three Cheers! 2 more teachers across the finish line!

Two more teachers have finished up their practicum requirements. Karen Faunce, from Moscow, and Beth McGibbon from Spokane.
Karen has been studying with John Friend since long before he founded Anusara Yoga. She is a talented writer, a long term practitioner of Yoga and Buddhist meditation and has had remarkably deep and broad life experiences. Now she is bringing all of that to her heart's work of teaching Yoga. She and Anna Banks are working together to bring Anusara Yoga to Moscow - and they have some new people on board to help (Sheila Lacey and Nancy Burtenshaw, who are enrolled in the upcoming Garden Street Anusara Immersion). Anusara is definitely going to blossom in Moscow. Karen will be right on the spot to water and tend the new growth with her soft heart, her bright sense of humor and her clear knowledge of Yoga.
And Beth McGibbon! She is in full swing with her teaching which is - happily for me - including teaching at Garden Street. Beth is a natural teacher.
She could teach a subject she doesn't even like and make it fascinating. She probably taught the other kids when she was in first grade and, because of how she is, they probably loved it. So now, when she teaches Yoga, which she loves so much, its a magical situation. I mean she sits up there and radiates. I'm not kidding. Some of her absolute beginner students clearly do not exactly understand the alignment details yet but they could care less - they just FEEL better after "Yoga with Beth!"
And as for this ongoing e-journal, I am hoping to keep up on it a little better now that I have taken care of 540,000 of the 10,000 things on my desk.
And as for my wonderful sister Mary, who (I just discovered today) actually reads this thing, I want to say this: Not everybody has to do Yoga to be Yoga. Some people are living examples of the kind of love and patience and service that Yoga is meant to cultivate in us - that would be Mary. And I am absolutely NOT exaggerating. I would say so much more in praise of Mary and all the service she is giving but she truly hates having attention placed on her. And she is my big sister so I had better stop!

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