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Jul 5, 2008


I have been LOVING observing all the teachers as they fulfill their practicum hours for Yoga Alliance. I had some resistance at first just because I wasn't sure how my schedule was going to cough up 2 - 4 hours per person to do the observation, to sit down to talk and then to type the whole thing up. But resistance is gone because it is proving to be a great process - a joy really. These are really talented teachers and amazing people. Most have been teaching awhile, some of them for quite a while. This is the case with every Teacher Training I've run. The Anusara system (the way I run it anyway) - encourages first a good long time of being a student, then an Immersion, and only then a Teacher Training. For this reason, most people who end up in Teacher Training, are teachers. I love that! And I also encourage that - strongly. If I were teaching people to play piano, I would rather teach people who had actually had their fingers on the keyboards. It's the same with teaching people to teach Yoga.

So here's a little re-cap of the observations we've done so far.

I went to Robin's class first. That's so appropriate, as it was Robin who encouraged me - actually she had to push me- to finish up the Yoga Alliance application process. Robin's teaching is like her - sweet but very strong and steady. Her students brought her a ton of flowers that night just to show her (or me?) how wonderful she is. I didn't need any showing! She's a natural, and her dedication to Yoga shines through her teaching even though she teaches in somewhat difficult circumstances right now.

Next was Amy's class and that voice of hers that is as clear as a bell. We were all delighted, as usual, by Amy's poetic, lyrical and precise use of words and phases to encourage particular actions and alignments. My only complaint is that she is moving - but at least Oregon students will get lucky. We'll send her off to Oregon with her "Anusara Inspired" status completed.

Anna next. While Amy's teaching was full of the elements of Earth and Water, Anna's was Airy with a good warming dose of Fire. She had such presence -so fitting that her theme was "presence". Anna is from Moscow where she teaches Anusara Yoga for "the arts" at the U. of I. Dance program and Performing Arts program. She's brilliant. And she has some really cool projects planned - but that's her secret for now!

Next came Terri. Terri is Pure Gold and I tell her so all the time. It was wonderful to see her with her faithful students. Terri is so intrinsically loyal - and her students are so loyal to her. She taught a top notch class with a wonderful theme about discovering the "mansion" within. She even brought a visual aid. It was so cool to be there (actually it was hot - I think the studio was 87 that day). Terri has strengthened and refined her Yoga, her teaching and her self, every step of the way over the 7 years I've known her.

Last - for now - was Jen. I was so honored to be allowed into the Juvenile Jail to watch her teaching there. I went to the boys' class (she teachers 2 boys' classes and 1 girls' class each week). Oh my gosh - those boys were like flowers opening in the sun. I mean it! Jen imparted the excellence of Anusara Yoga philosophy and alignment, woven with and through the excellence of her own great heart. In spite of the sad and very hard stories there, Jen treated each boy like a prince. They loved it - they simply got brighter and brighter as the class went on.

There are more observations to come - and I'll post those too. I am really loving this process. Have I said that enough now!?

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  1. You are such a dedicated teacher. I am so impressed with the fact that you are going to everyone's classes! I am sure that your trainees do know how lucky they are to have you as their teacher, but DO THEY KNOW HOW LUCKY THEY ARE??? Really, way to go. So great.