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Jul 14, 2008

Kudos Katie

Yesterday ( Sunday ) I finally got a chance to see Katie Gehn in action as she was teaching at the Spokane Yoga School. I love Katie, and she is inspiring to me, especially in the way she transmits the inspiration of physicality. For me, the body is oh-so-inspiring. I don't necessarily need anything esoteric or philosophical to inspire me. I find, for example, that talking about how to effectively engage the transverses abdominus, is as universal and esoteric and philosphical as I could possibly desire. It is the WILL of the individual, in concert with the WILL of the Divine - and made manifest in the abdominal region of the human anatomy. How much more inspiring does one need to get!? Katie talked about the use of Agni Sara (a Yogic abdominal engagement) as similar to when, in her Olympic Gold Medal Rowing days, they would attach a bucket to the back of the boat. The crew would then have to work SO HARD to progress. But when the bucket was eliminated, they would have a deep and sure understanding of the engagement necessary to progress.
Now that's a metaphor for practice, if I ever heard one. Kudos Katie!

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