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Jun 15, 2008

SHRI - A Graduation of Anusara Goddesses

SHRI - A Graduation of Anusara Teacher Trainee Goddesses
Good Morning! Today is a truly sunny day. I am so happy to say that the "Shri" Group of Immersion and Teacher Training Students graduated yesterday. They can actually go outside and play today. I hope! This is the 5th in-depth study group I've done since moving to Coeur d'Alene. It has been one amazing group of students! They have demonstrated over the past year where a community of practice and study can go. As a group and individually there is Great Heart, Bright Mind and Vigor of Body. And the remarkable thing to watch was (is) how truly they have become a community of practice and heart, a Kula.
Within this group, a good deal of collaboration has been going on and is scheduled to continue. They will be gathering on Friday mornings to watch / work their way through the Teacher Training DVDs. They are doing an excellent job of peer mentoring, feedback and support. And they are very clear in their intention to continue as strong students (this group has remarkable studentship (adhikara). Several of them have asked me if I would consider doing an advanced study program. You bet! (Stay tuned)
They are also quite mature in that almost all of them are already teaching and several have been teaching for quite awhile. "Heart's Work (dharma) is really getting done in this group.
Speaking of Dharma, as I told the class yesterday, I love doing my work, my dharma even when it's stressful. I never really slack off in that area of my life. I am so aware of the great good fortune of being born in a time and in circumstances that allow me the opportunity to do my Heart's Work. Being able to teach and practice Yoga in its fullness, is Bliss. I am deeply and completely grateful to be blessed with students that allow me to take the seat of the teacher. And the students that want to deepen into Immersion studies and advanced studies, are simply giving me an even deeper gift and opportunity . Many Thanks!
So, as for more Work, I'm not going outside to play today but am actually going to go inside for more Yoga. I am beginning my participation as a teacher at the Yoga School of Spokane. I'm looking forward to it - a really new experience for me to be teaching Anusara Yoga to a group of students who are not pursuing Anusara Yoga as their style of Yoga. Most of the students are pretty involved in Ashtanga Vinyasa. Today I'll be a student while Ally Rubin teaches. I've been thinking a lot about this and it is seeming to me that each of the three styles of Yoga represented at the Spokane School is like a language. Each of the languages is talking about Yoga. When I begin my 5 week teaching stint there, I imagine I will be able to teach some of the most beautiful and useful words and phases of Anusara Yoga without expecting that in 40 hours a student can become fluent in Anusara, or in any language of Yoga.
OK - I'd best got going. Namaste!

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